Monday, November 14, 2011

Tips for beginners

V 1 - posted 11/15/11

Sun & Shade
Full sun means at least 8 hours of direct sun per day.  Morning sun is milder and best for plants.  Afternoon sun is hotter and brighter.  If you are keeping track of the sunlight in a given location, an hour of afternoon sun could count as two hours of sun due to its intensity. 

Partial sun is about six hours of direct sunlight.

Part shade is five or fewer hours of morning sun.

Annual vs. Perennial

  • Annuals are plants that live their whole life in one season. 
  • Perennials are plants that live their lives over two or more seasons.  Many die back when frost occurs, while the root systems survive and send out new shoots in the spring.  
The word bulb is often used incorrectly, as a blanket term for any plant that has an underground food-storage organ.  

There are:

  • true bulbs - examples: daffodils, tulips, lilies, allium, amaryllis, Dutch iris, fritillaria, glory-of-the-snow, grape hyacinth, hyacinth, wood hyacinth.
  • corms - examples: gladioli, crocuses, crocosmia
  • rhizomes - examples: irises and lily-of-the-valley, canna, water lily
  • tubers - examples: dahlias, caladium, lotus, potatoes, cyclamen

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