Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Indoor Greenhouse

Now it's fall and I really want to grow fruit, especially since it will take a long time to bore fruit.  So I decided to make an indoor greenhouse.  I looked all over the web to how-to and DIY projects.  Finally, with the space I have, I decided to go with a wire shelving unit with plastic connected with velcro.

I am going to order another set of poles so that I can extend the top to utilize the top shelf and have more room between shelves.  I may also use the table as a shelf (with something under the whole thing to protect from any condensation). I plan to affix lights to the under side of each shelf.  I am waiting to cut and affix the plastic until I have the unit exactly how I want it.

As the project comes along, I will update the blog and give some details and a run down of the diy project.

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