Sunday, November 20, 2011

Planting Strawberry Seeds

I planted my strawberry seeds on 11/17/2011.  The seeds I used came from store-bought strawberries (fruit, not a growing plant).  The strawberries have been frozen in my freezer for a few weeks now.  

The method I used was found at 

1. collect the seeds by placing 4-5 whole berries in a blender filled with water. 2 Frape the berries. Seeds that float are not good discard. 3. Strain out the sinkers. 4 Take seeds and scatter them over a something like a baking plan filled with a comercial potting mix. 5 Scatter a light dusting of potting mix over the seed (1/8 - 1/4 inch). 6. place pan in the sunlight somewhere in your home. 7. Seed will germinate over 2-8 weeks. 8. As you see the small plant emerge, carefully pluck them out and move to Dixie cups or some such container and allow them grow to a transplantable size.

For step 2, my blender did not have a frappe setting, so I used the puree setting.  I had to strain the mixture with a wire hand held strainer because coffee filters are too thick.  

On the left is stuff that was at the top. On the right is stuff from the bottom.
A close-up of the stuff from the bottom of the blender.

The make-shift greenhouse.
My watering "door."
View through the "door."

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