Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Strawberry Flower

Here it is, the long awaited flower.  Looks like the one beside it may already be wilting, which would be a sign of pollination.  I attempted to pollinate the one flower tonight.  If it wilts in 48 hours then it should be pollinated.  Fruit isn't too far behind, though I shouldn't let it grow any, since it is only in its first year of growth.  I am anxious though and will be moving away and unable to garden like this for awhile so I think I'm going to see what I can get this year anyways.  My other two surviving plants haven't produced any flowers yet...  The middle one isn't looking too hot.

In recap, I planted the seeds from fresh fruit from the store in November 2011 after freezing them for some time.  And now, a little after 8 months later, I have a flower.

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