Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garden Tasks for Fall (September - November)

Yes, it's getting colder and the daylight is fading, but there is still much to do.

Remove dead and dying stems and foliage from perennials.  Be sure to to leave a few to protect the roots over winter.

  • Plant hardy perennials and hardy evergreen shrubs in early fall.
  • Plant deciduous shrubs and trees late in season when leaves have fallen.
  • Remove and compost summer annuals.
  • Plant spring-flowering biennials and bulbs.

Other Chores
  • Transplant deciduous shrubs in late fall.
  • Lift and divide hardy perennials.
  • Lift and store, or insulate, tender perennials and shrubs before first frost.
  • Lift and store dahlias and cannas after the first frosts.
  • Take hardwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs.
This list was found in Learn to Garden: A Practical Introduction to Gardening.  I did modify the list a little.   

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